What is the role of Immutable X in the gaming experience of users?


The Immutable platform equips game studios and creators with a potent line of goods, providing simple fixes that boost their efficiency and revolutionize the way they design, release, and sell games.

Its already constructed solutions, which were created to be simple to use, let creators release their games more quickly without sacrificing either safety or the enjoyment of playing, resolving two significant problems that affect the whole blockchain gaming business. Additionally, Web3 training, live community assistance, and entry to Immutable’s enormous gaming environment are provided to creators.

Immutable necessities

The majority of the tools offered by Immutable for blockchain programmers are geared at those working using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with web3 games.

For the purpose of enabling the unlimited generation and trade of NFTs for usage in blockchain-based games, an Immutable X layer two technology for Ethereum was developed.

The IMX token supports the Immutable X system via NFT transaction costs. It may also be staked and used to take part in community management.

Companies like Immutable X allow the people who use them to buy into the innovation without making them aware that they have dabbled with cryptocurrency in an environment wherein gamers aren’t especially fond of the word “NFT.”

The operating system is noticeably modifying what scalability is by utilizing modern technology, which improves the game experience employing NFTs. So how does this work?

Scalability of Ethereum, web3 games, and immutable X

To solve Ethereum’s scalability problem, Immutable X worked with STARKware, a leading provider of safe, dependable, and scalable blockchain solutions. Immutable uses STARKNet, an unrestricted, distributed zk-rollup developed by STARKware, to build Immutable X.

Users may trade in mass through the layer-2 network, verify in mass on the layer-1 chain, plus lock up resources in on-chain digitized or smart contract agreements. Once a smart contract has submitted evidence and verified it, the blockchain is subsequently updated.

By using this scaling technique, assets on the following layer may be developed without endangering the security of the previous. It eliminates a number of constraints that were previously applied to Ethereum-based networks and NFT-related services.

Immutable X provides excellent scalability that can handle more than 9,000 transactions per second, in comparison to NFT projects that use the layer-one network. Additionally, it dramatically enhances user experience because NFT wallets automatically combine credit card transactions. Finally, it provides simple-to-use APIs with devoted-to-platform software development kits (SDKs), which considerably enhance the development procedure.

Three hundred twenty people work at Immutable. ImmutableX is the free and open destination, which means that, as a result, numerous games, from amateur stage ventures to high-end titles like Delysium, are being developed on the platform at present. The business has a 500 million-dollar developer fund to encourage Web3 game innovation and enable the widespread adoption of the following next-generation Web3 games. For the NFT market, it collaborates with GameStop.

What advantages does Immutable X offer?

Costs & Payment Speeds: It is the first gas-free creating platform with instantaneous transaction rates. Immutable X makes every attempt to appeal to gamers since it was designed with them in mind.

Simple to use – this Immutable X Web3 wallet supports payments made with credit cards, allowing access into the ecosystem for those who aren’t familiar with the technology of blockchain. According to Immutable, its “simple APIs & SDKs [enable] you to develop and launch quicker.” It is, therefore, excellent for programmers who require an environment for their work.

What video games are available on Immutable X?

The majority of applications on Immutable X fall under the heading of Games and Collectibles because the blockchain was designed for digital currency trading and games. Other websites have already highlighted Gods Unchained, but many other Immutable systems are well worth exploring when you can Play Web3 Games on Immutable:

  • The mobile role-playing game Guild of Guardians focuses on player ownership.
  • HRO is an application that uses physical as well as electronic trading cards to blur the lines between reality and fiction.
  • The next collectable NFT RPG plus auto-battler is called Illuvium.
  • Highrise is a portable virtual world that has 1.5 million visitors per month.

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