What are the advantages of proof of stake?


Digital assets such as cryptocurrencies are shaping how the world conducts business. These assets are set to streamline certain processes  such as opening bank accounts and lending money.

The operations in cryptocurrency take place in blockchain networks. In these networks there is no central authority to oversee them.

When using blockchain networks it is impossible not to mention Proof of stake (PoS). You may be wondering what is proof of  stake?

Proof of stake is a cryptocurrency consensus mechanism for creating new blocks for a blockchain and carrying out transactions.

The following are some of the advantages of proof of stake;

Higher expandability and throughput.

When it comes to proof of stake, transactions and blocks are approved quicker. This is because no equations are required.

In addition to that, proof of stake requires less energy and the transaction speed and capacity is greater.

Reduced interference.

PoS is more energy efficient since it does not require any computations. Validation of transactions is done by those with the most holdings of the network’s native currency.

This is because the players with a notable stake in the system are less likely to interfere with it since any slight interference could lead to a loss.

In addition to that, you do not need to have tech knowledge and high class computer systems since you don’t have to stake your own holdings.


Change is inevitable when it comes to blockchains. This also applies to the user’s needs.

These changes will prompt the system to improve on certain areas so as to serve both the blockchains and users efficiently.

For this reason, PoS is made to be versatile hence it can adapt to any changes that may be required to suit the needs of the users and blockchain.

Additional security.

Staking is a great way to ensure that there is boosted security in the network. For example if the network finds a fraudulent transaction, the validator is likely going to lose part of his stake. In addition to that, the validator will also lose any rights to participate in the network in future.

In addition to the security from fraud, PoS allows investments by allowing the participants to set aside a certain amount of money as collateral.

 The network selects a person to build the next wager based on the amount they wager.


PoS has proven to be  faster than proof of work in numerous circumstances. For certain cryptocurrencies, proof of work processes 30 transactions per second  while proof of stake processes 100000 transactions per second.

Therefore, this means that proof of stake is faster and saves time.


When using proof of stake, the process becomes more decentralised since the participants are allowed run nodes. This incentive is more affordable to the users.

In addition to that, the randomization process has also made the network decentralised.

PoS is considered to be more energy efficient. When in the network, the cost of participating is more dependent on the economical cost of staking coins than on the computational cost of solving puzzles.

This factor reduces the energy used hence making PoS eco-friendly.

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