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Are you looking for a powerful software to create, modify and edit your PDF documents? Let yourself be guided through our top best PDF editors.

The PDF file format, which stands for Portable Document Format, is a file format popular with many users who want to maintain the layout and presentation of their document regardless of the hardware and software used to open it. There are many free viewers for reading, annotating, and commenting on PDF documents. But if you want to create a PDF document directly or edit an existing one, you will have to go through a PDF editor.

There are many software solutions to edit your PDF documents, here is our selection of the best PDF editors on the market.

Wonder share PDF Element:

Developed by the company Wonder share, already known for its many reference software, Wonder share PDF element is a versatile tool for processing PDF files.

Available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS , this PDF file editor integrates many features to read, modify, create, annotate, comment and convert your PDF documents. It also stands out for its advanced OCR character recognition system , capable of accurately transcribing the text contained in documents, in more than 23 languages. The subscription price is affordable and suitable for individuals, schools or businesses, and provides excellent value for money.

PDF element integrates all the collaborative tools necessary to work as a team on documents. On the other hand, it is necessary to go through another storage solution in the cloud, named Wonder share Document Cloud to directly share PDF documents with its collaborators.

PDF Annotator:

Popular with teachers during the first containment due to the pandemic of Covid-19 , PDF Annotator has many features to comment and annotate scanned copies.

For Surface tablet users with a stylus, PDF Annotator has revolutionized document correction. Very practical and fluid, this software has an interface accessible to all, with categories of tools available in the form of side tabs. Straight line highlighting, annotation bubbles, handwritten comments and management of the pages of several documents, PDF Annotator has many qualities to absolutely test.

PDF Annotator is only available for Windows computers. No mobile or Mac OS X version is currently available. Collaborative and file-sharing tools are almost non-existent.

Ease Us PDF Editor:

The latest from the EaseUS company, already known for its file recovery and backup software solutions, EaseUS PDF Editor already includes all the basic features for editing your PDF documents.

Along with the ability to create a blank PDF document or edit an existing document, EaseUS PDF Editor also supports converting, compressing , annotating and organizing your pages. Fairly complete in terms of editing features, the software also includes protection tools: watermark, password, digital signature, etc.

PDF Creator:

More like a virtual printer than a PDF editor, PDF Creator allows you to quickly convert any type of document into a PDF file.

PDFCreator has advanced features such as conversion, digital signature, password protection, merging of several documents or even the virtual printer.

But the disadvantage is that the free version with advertising does not allow you to create or modify an existing document. It doesn’t even have any tools to comment on a PDF document. You have to go through the paid Pro version which is not available in the demo version.

PDF-XChange Editor:

PDF-XChange Editor is a comprehensive PDF editing software that rivals the most popular software solutions on the market.

Its system of comments and annotations has already won over many users with, in addition, an ergonomic interface facilitating access to the various tools. They will therefore be able to comment, review, convert, organize pages, add bookmarks, create editable forms and protect the document with just a few clicks.

Nitro Pro:

Formerly Nitro PDF Reader, Nitro Pro has been enriched with many features for editing, converting and processing PDF files.

Nitro Pro supports PDF creation from over 300 file formats, and allows reverse conversion between PDF document and Word or Excel document.

The ribbon interface provides quick access to the various functionalities and users concerned about the confidentiality of their documents will appreciate the various security systems offered: password, certificate , encryption , digital ID, trusted contacts, editing authorization , removal of metadata, etc.

Foxit Reader:

Foxit Reader competes more with Adobe’s free viewer, Acrobat Reader. In addition to reading tools, this free software includes interesting annotation features.

All the essential functionalities are present to create annotations, apply a digital signature, create editable forms or even export the data of a form.

But a disadvantage is that no conversion functionality or character recognition system for a scanned document is offered. It also does not include any editing or PDF document creation tools.

Edit PDF:

As the name suggests, this software allows you to edit PDF files. It also offers a system for converting into other formats.

We recommend you to use: which allows you to add or delete them individually. We appreciate this very simple little feature in the software which consists of copying an element that you have just added to all the pages of your document. Very practical for repeated insertions.

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