Top Mobile App Development Trends in Chicago for 2022


Mobile developers add thousands of apps to the app store every year. It’s not surprising that the mobile development market is growing in leaps and bounds. More businesses will delve into mobile app development come 2020.

It’s safe to say that the world economy is gradually recovering from the pandemic. Besides, users’ needs are evolving, and brands must focus on providing smarter solutions.

Endeavor to incorporate these trends during your next app launch.

1. Better security

Security is a major issue in the app development sphere. You need to take it seriously, especially if your business deals with sensitive user data. Mobile app developers now leverage blockchain technology since it offers decentralized databases.

Apps that are built around this solutiontend to have robust security. A good number of smartphones for 2022 will come with features such as crypto mobile wallets and D Apps.

2. Super apps

A super app can serve as a single app that multitasks instead of relying on several stand-alone apps. Asian countries are at the forefront of this trend, and these apps will penetrate other countries next year. Some popular examples include We Chat and AliPay.

3. Instant apps

Capturing user attention requires more than designing an aesthetically pleasing app. Instant apps are also known as App Clips for iOS. The goal is to enable users to explore the look and feel of an app before installing it.

Instant apps will come in handy for boosting your conversion rate. Such an app will launch immediately after a user clicks the app link.

4. Mobile commerce

The m-commerce market is growing at an unprecedented rate, and more native apps will emerge. A lot of people embraced online shopping in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though people are still recovering from its effect, many prefer shopping with their mobile devices.

This trend will affect every sector of the economy as long as a retail touchpoint exists. Your best bet is to leverage slingshot mobile app development services to avoid missing out on tons of sales.

5. AI

AI is transforming different sectors and has evolved past the stage of powering just smart home systems. It can help you tailor your content or product to the needs of your customers accurately.

Voice assistants will be able to handle complex tasks of not just individuals, but of nations in no distant future. It’s glaring that AI is set to unlock a higher level of personalization and interpret a users’ emotional state.

6. 5G Technology

This technology is the rave of the moment, and surprisingly, it’s not a relatively new technology. It is expected to have a higher rate of adoption in 2022. With 5G technology, seamless and faster connections are guaranteed.

It’s only a matter of time before it will emerge as a standard for mobile technology.

7. Cross-platform apps

Cross platforms can help brands reach a wider audience in no time. Developers have been working for years to create apps that are compatible with both smartphones and tablets. Apple is already making considerable progress in this direction, and the trend will become mainstream in this decade.

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